Small urban garden retreat

Location: Redditch

Small urban garden retreat in Redditch

The Brief

Although the client lived in a urban setting they wanted the garden to reflect a 'Tropical retreat'.

They had an existing hot tub and arbour that were to be included in the finished design.


The main seating/dining terrace was to be near to the house.

The garden sloped away so this had to addressed in the plan. There were also issues with access that meant removal of any excavated soil would be difficult.

The Design

The first level of the garden was the main dining terrace. This was to be re-laid with natural Indian sandstone. Stepping stone paths through gravel lead to house and garage doors.

From the terrace the stepping stones continue through the grass to connect with the next level of lawn.

A rill runs from the terrace to a small formal pool and the 'Island retreat'. The existing arbour is re-positioned to this corner and painted a dark oak. Three steps across the pool connect the two areas.

To the right of the garden the existing hot tub has been relocated and partially sunk. The soil from the excavations in the garden has been used to fill raised timber planting beds around the hot tub.


These borders were planted up with bamboos to give a feeling of privacy and shelter. The gentle rustling of the bamboo leaves would add to the general ambiance.

Key plants like the hardy palm Trachycarpus fortunei, bamboos and ferns in species create an exotic, lush jungle feel to the garden.

Before photograph
Before photograph
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Design sketch
Design sketch

View of the proposed garden design from the bottom left corner

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