Contemporary town garden 

Location: Leamington Spa

Contemporary town garden design in Alcester

The Brief

The client had recently extended their property which meant that the original patio area needed redesigning. This then led to the redesign of the back garden.

It was a fairly blank canvas with just two mature trees to retain within the finished design.

The client wanted the contemporary style of the interior of their house continued into the back garden.

They wanted to include a summer house/studio to the rear of the garden and liked the idea of having some kind of water feature.


Their personal preference was formality and straight lines.

The Design

The garden naturally defined itself into several distinct "garden rooms". Each "room" would have an individual purpose and function.

A new natural stone patio was laid around the house. The stepping stone path to the side of the house leads to a wall mounted water feature that can be viewed from the house office. This brings to life an otherwise dead space in the garden and creates a focal point from the interior.

The stepping stone and gravel path cuts through the new lawn to another natural stone terrace and the formal pool. The pool is the main focal point in the garden and brings elements of peace and calm. Two seating areas either side provide a chance to sit and enjoy the ambience.

The stepping stones then continue to the new summerhouse/studio through a bespoke timber arch. This area is further defined by trellis constructed using horizontal lengths of timber. This trellis detail adds a strong contemporary feel to the design.

The block planting in the new raised beds is both modern and easily maintained.

Towards the rear of the garden an area of woodland planting acts as a foil to the formality of the rest of the garden.

Before photograph
Before photograph

The photograph shows the newly constructed extension.

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