French lavender in bloom in a cottage garden design

Design Elements

 Initial consultation   

This is an informal discussion of your ideas and requirements. It will also be an opportunity for you to view my portfolio of completed work. Before this meeting, it would be very useful if you could collect any images or ideas that appeal to you. During the meeting, we will go through a series of questions to help me find out what you want from your garden, covering elements such as garden use, style, plants, structures.

It is also important at this initial stage to talk about your budget. There would be no point in designing a garden that you can't afford. However, it is essential to bear in mind that when spending capital on the design and construction of your garden you are increasing the value of your property as well as creating an environment that you can enjoy on a daily basis. Finally, a tour of the garden will be necessary to establish its potential and to get a feel for the local environment.

Design quotation letter

After the initial consultation I will produce a design quotation along with a summary of your brief and my thoughts and ideas about the project.



Upon acceptance of the design quotation fees I will carry out a site survey. I'll measure and photograph your garden, and make notes of relevant details. If the garden is particularly large it may be necessary to recommend the services of a professional surveyor.


Design plan & sketches

Using the site survey and brief details a 2D, scaled colour design plan will be produced. Perspective sketches bring a flat plan to life helping you and the landscaper to visualize the finished garden. Essential details will be clearly labelled on the plan. This initial design may need slight adjustments before it is finally approved by you. These adjustments can often be addressed at the planting plan stage.


Planting plans

I can produce planting plans at a scale of 1:50, indicating the position and quantity of plants. A separate list will be supplied showing the quantities, and approximate pot sizes. The plants selected will be chosen to reflect ease of availability, soil type, and long seasonal interest. Where necessary alternative plant suggestions will be supplied. A quotation for the planting plans will be produced upon presentation and approval of the design plan.


Construction drawings

It may be necessary to produce additional construction drawings for any complicated or bespoke design details to aid the landscaper in construction, for example a sophisticated water feature or wall detail.



For the majority of garden projects specific design instructions and details of the materials to be used can be included on the design plans and drawings. On larger more complex gardens specification documents would be required. These help the contractor to produce a comprehensive quotation and ensure that the garden is built to my design preferences.

I can recommend several local, reliable contractors, to whom the design plans can be sent so they can tender for the project. Alternatively, you can source your own landscaper. The landscape company will be completely independent from the design service. If desired I can liaise and communicate with the landscaper on your behalf.  Project management would be charged at a separate hourly rate.


Ongoing development

Once the garden is completed you might require additional information on maintenance. I can provide you with maintenance guides with details of seasonal pruning, plant division, cutting back etc. I can also visit to give help and advice with the maintenance and check on the progress of your garden. Maintenance advice would be charged at a separate hourly rate.