Small town garden

The Brief

This garden was very much influenced by the client’s own personal style and love of colour and art.

They wanted to extend the highly-stylized interior of the house into the garden.

The design had to be modern, clean cut and sophisticated.

The main desire was to have framed views and focal points from the house.

The key requirement was to have different areas to sit, relax and entertain through the day.

They wanted to have the garden lit at night and create a ‘wow’ factor.  

The Design

The garden is divided into three seating areas or ‘rooms’, with focal water features and the rills to link between them.

The dining room looks out onto a breakfast terrace with an outdoor rattan sofa and table.  Five bespoke fish water spouts are mounted on the wall and cascade into a raised pool.  The wall is painted a deep red to reflect the interior colour of the candelabra and vase.

There is a large overflowing urn that is in line with the dining room and dressing room windows.  Here is the start of the formal rill that eventually leads to the main pool.  A large acrylic mirror mounted on the fence brings light and the illusion of additional space to this corner.

The rill flows over the steps down to the next level of the main dining terrace with a large pergola constructed with a cover of slated blinds painted black to provide dappled shade.  Five high panels of evergreen Ligustrum were specified to hide the neighboring shed.

The formal pool in middle of the garden is the key focal point.  Behind it and connected by another rill is a

free-standing wall with stainless-steel cascade water feature and a small pool beneath.  The wall is painted a pale Mediterranean blue to echo the blue of the clients painting in the lounge.

The rill connects to the ‘Fire on Water’ seating area.  Integral timber seating and planting sections are designed to enclose the fire pit on three sides.  Four Photinia ‘Red Robin’ standards reflect the touches of red throughout the interior.

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