Small gravel and rock garden

The Brief

This was a new build where the garden wrapped around the back and side of the house with a very narrow access point between. 

The existing rectangular stone patio constructed by the house builders restricted the access and needed rethinking to improve the flow between the two areas of garden. 

The clients wanted a natural, informal garden that would be easy to maintain.

They also wanted a timber structure to help with being overlooked by the neighbouring properties.

The Design

A rock and gravel garden with stepping stone paths creates a natural, relaxed feel to the back garden.  Natural stone is used for the path and to retain the changes of level.  

New circular steps were built to replace the rectangular patio, creating a softer look and improving the access to the side garden.

As you step up to the side garden the path continues with cast concrete sleepers.  This subtly marks the transition to the next area.  The path leads to a new circular patio seating area ideally positioned to catch the evening sun.  Around the back of the patio timber posts were erected with swags of ropes for climbers to help give a feeling of privacy. 

The use of driftwood, cobbles, shells and sculpture add interest and personality to the garden. 

The client wanted to stop any access from the front of the house, and so a fence was erected.  To stop this division from feeling like a dead end a small raised pool was built.  Mounted on the wall behind the pool an acrylic mirror and wall mounted lions head water feature bring the whole area to life.    

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